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Bishop Scharfenberger: “Criminality is not entitled to secrecy.” Oh really?

If that’s the case, why is Rev. Ryszard Biernat—who blew open secrecy surrounding criminal/immoral behaviors of diocesan officials—the one to have his priestly faculties/ministry removed? Why hasn’t Bishop Sharfenberger reinstated this courageous priest who really does believe: “Criminality is not entitled to secrecy.”

Lay Advisory Groups

Silence gives consent: Bishop’s Council of the Laity

After decades in existence, this Buffalo-area lay group, with its unique access to our bishops, has watched our diocese slide from crisis to catastrophe all the while remaining aloof, unaccountable for their "advice," and virtually unknown to the laity. Until now.  The man-made catastrophe of the Johnstown flood of 1889 could have been avoided. That was… Continue reading Silence gives consent: Bishop’s Council of the Laity


Whose mouths were filled with lies, whose hands were raised in perjury.

One solitary document signed by our bishop red-pilled many of us when it surfaced last year on WKBW I-Team's first report on Rev. Art Smith. Objective, verifiable "misrepresentation of the truth" undermines the foundations of the promise our bishop made to his flock. Then in January, 2019, he doubled down. Cataloged on this page are various interviews/documents Catholic laity in the Diocese of Buffalo should critically examine. [Continue reading at link above]