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The silent collateral damage of the clergy sex abuse crisis points to the absurdity of the Church Synod

Do you notice people missing at Mass who had normally been there? Many make up the silent collateral damage of the clergy sex abuse crisis. Want to be an instrument of change in the Catholic Church? The pope has called a "synod" or meeting of the Church to examine the way it operates. It won't touch the crisis or the officials who nurtured a system of brutality, so wrapped up are they in rampant clericalism. Samaria Rice, whose 12-yr-old son brandished a toy gun and was killed by a police officer, shares a lesson for all institutions looking to cleans themselves of institutional brutality. First the leaders have to own the brutality and second they need to be held accountable for the damage.

Lay Advisory Groups

Portraits of Betrayal in the Diocese of Buffalo: We’re taking names.

The “Diocese” didn’t betray us. People did. Until we recognize--by name and face--the true agents of betrayal, we won't be able to begin to restore trust in this diocese. Thanks to whistleblowers, we know names, faces and their horrendous professional misconduct that exacerbated the clergy sexual abuse crisis.