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Diocese of Buffalo’s ‘surprise’ at lay apathy is no surprise

The Diocese of Buffalo’s report to the worldwide synod has been released. A mere 650 laity out of 600,000 Catholics in the diocese contributed. The report expresses “surprise” at such apathy. That this organization’s leaders are so surprised is just one sign of its disassociation with rank-and-file members. Read this excerpt for more signs of their disconnect:

One thing that did not surprise a lot of us about this report…No recording of the many calls for ACCOUNTABILITY of diocesan officials who enabled the clergy sexual abuse crisis. This report is in and of itself an instrument of protection of such officials. Check out the carefully crafted wording in the report so that “the Church” not “diocesan officials” are the culprits of the coverup :

The issue of accountability is most clearly seen in the handling of the abuse crisis. The perceived failure to formally acknowledge the abuse and cover up by the Church and offer an authentic apology has meant for many that “the Church has lost its moral authority.” But the abuse crisis is not just an issue of accountability – it is important to realize the level of pain that exists among so many in the Diocese.”

It was a “perceived failure”? No. It was a flat-out failure.

“The Church” did not do the cover up of abuse. Our bishops and their willing accomplices dressed as monsignors did that, and they have NAMES. Blaming “the Church” is unfair to our Church. Not taking responsibility using the names of the clergy-officials involved makes us not trust the officials in this diocese.

Two years of bankruptcy has cost we laity not only our parishes and schools but $8 million of our hard-earned cash just for LAWYERS to protect the very diocesan officials who got us into this financial and spiritual sewer.

The complete report is here.

It did not include input from listening sessions south of East Aurora because, um, there weren’t any. And they are surprised at OUR apathy?

Recommended Scripture reading…Matthew 5:6.

Photo above is from the listening session held at the Catholic Center in downtown Buffalo.

2 thoughts on “Diocese of Buffalo’s ‘surprise’ at lay apathy is no surprise”

  1. Lay Apathy is no surprise to the Diocesan bigwigs, in fact the chancery bureaucrats count on it to accomplish their deeds. Should the people who “pay, pray and obey” object strenuously at their misconduct, many evil things would be avoided, and everyone at 795 Main St., would be on their toes. However, NOT THE CHURCH is at fault here, but rather people in clerical dress who go by the titles of Most Rev.; Rev. Msgr.; or plain Rev., and even some Sister. They are very proficient on publishing Pastorals, Regulations, and various word salads, which applies to all except themselves. They pontificate and bloviate but behind the scenes they simply ignore all. These are people who have no Faith, if they did, they would follow Christ in all they do. The only thing the Chancery understand IS MONEY. So….

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