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Revisiting Good Samaritan parable: Heartless reaction among diocese’s clergy to survivors of clergy sexual abuse

In a stunning set of recent communications to clergy sexual abuse survivors, a Diocese of Buffalo priest reveals a disturbing culture Jesus warned us about in his parable of the Good Samaritan. Diocesan whistleblower, Siobhan O’Connor, weighs in.

Disturbing actions of the Bishop of Buffalo, Lay Advisory Groups, Rev. Ryszard Biernat

Survivors group rebukes Bishop Fisher for treating whistleblower as “enemy” in mass mailing to every cleric and most nuns and lay advisors in Diocese of Buffalo

Two years after whistleblower Rev. Ryszard Biernat’s removal from active ministry, survivors of clergy sexual abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo sent a stern message to every single bishop, priest, deacon, and most lay advisors and nuns in the diocese: “Renewal” is a farce if diocesan officials who covered up clergy sexual abuse reports are not held accountable while they hold Father Biernat accountable for exposing such “foul deeds.”

fictional remedies to clergy sex abuse crisis

FICTION: Women in diocesan leadership can help prevent clergy sex abuse

We look at three women who held influential positions in diocesan chanceries--two in Buffalo. They are living proof that women are not the silver bullet to keeping us safe. Reduced to two choices in their positions, they can play the game and stay, or they can act on their moral conscience and leave. A bishop is not necessarily going to be persuaded by whatever they bring to the table. It sure didn't work in Buffalo. (Click title above to read more...)

Disturbing actions of the Bishop of Buffalo, Rev. Ryszard Biernat

Rev. Ryszard Biernat speaks to national audience: Disrupting the dioceses’ sexual predatory culture will get you banned from ministry

“Our founder, Jesus Christ, taught us ‘the Truth will set you free.’ Why are we hiding? Why are we lying about the truth?” He projected the harrowing reaction that overcame him when he finally realized, “It’s simply to protect predators like McCarrick, monsters like other predators around. We hide them and shelter them, and that’s the reason for the lie. And it’s so contrary to what we are about in the Church," he said. "If the bishops, the shepherds, are going to such an extent to lie about such horrible things, how do you expect them to care for the faithful, for their souls to be nourished, for salvation, if they lie about and hide and protect child rapists? We need to sometimes wake up and realize, they’re not just lying about McCarrick; they have been lying the last 30 to 40 years about what’s been going on.” (Click title to read more...)

Accountability IS mercy

“An act of spite” keeps heroic whistleblower priest sidelined—one year later

"... if you try to groom a child for sex, Malone will stick up for you, but if you try to stop that behavior, he’ll fire you and call you a traitor." That pretty much sums up what happened to a Diocese of Buffalo priest who acted on his moral conscience. Wait. It's actually worse than that.… Continue reading “An act of spite” keeps heroic whistleblower priest sidelined—one year later

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Bishop Scharfenberger: “Criminality is not entitled to secrecy.” Oh really?

If that’s the case, why is Rev. Ryszard Biernat—who blew open secrecy surrounding criminal/immoral behaviors of diocesan officials—the one to have his priestly faculties/ministry removed? Why hasn’t Bishop Scharfenberger reinstated this courageous priest who really does believe: “Criminality is not entitled to secrecy.” This post outlines why the wrong chancery officials were stripped of their canonical duties and faculties and jobs and titles in the Diocese of Buffalo.

Rev. Ryszard Biernat

Unjust penalty for Whistleblower–Does Bishop Scharfenberger even know the details of this heartbreaking case?

A note to Bishop Scharfenberger: Rev. Ryszard Biernat should be restored to full and active ministry as the gospel would compel in this situation. Had you taken the time to speak with the dedicated laity protesting outside your office on Mondays when you were in Buffalo, you would have been presented with a different point… Continue reading Unjust penalty for Whistleblower–Does Bishop Scharfenberger even know the details of this heartbreaking case?

Lay Advisory Groups

Another laywoman comes forward with testimony: Lesson on linking correct Subject with its Verb.

‪Astounding. Disturbing. Million$ to house and insure pedophile priests who never saw a courtroom. And like Siobhan O'Connor (Bishop's former administrative assistant), this woman was supposed to just “do her job,” cut the checks and keep her mouth shut. Thank God she didn’t!