Accountability IS mercy

My message to Papal Nuncio: As a corroborating witness to Msgr LiPuma’s participation in clergy sexual abuse coverup, I object to his candidacy to any office or title in the Roman Catholic Church

In 2004, a 23-year-old seminarian wrote to vice chancellor Monsignor David LiPuma asking for help concerning sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a diocesan priest--help he never received. So, I have written a letter. It's a letter not just to the monsignor's superiors, but ultimately to him personally...for the salvation of his soul. No matter what happens with his career, we pray that Monsignor David LiPuma will at the very least own up to the harm he inflicted upon the seminarian and others while operating as an officer of the Diocese of Buffalo and repent. (To access the letter, click title above)