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Another laywoman comes forward with testimony: Lesson on linking correct Subject with its Verb.

‪Astounding. Disturbing. Million$ to house and insure pedophile priests who never saw a courtroom. And like Siobhan O’Connor (Bishop’s former administrative assistant), this woman was supposed to just “do her job,” cut the checks and keep her mouth shut. Thank God she didn’t! ‬

Read Siobhan O’Connor’s mind blowing post: “Paying Pedophiles” and how you pay for condos, insurance, living expenses and more for priests still on the payroll who have been credibly accused of sexual crimes for DECADES.

It is time to change our rhetoric
in the Diocese of Buffalo.

It isn’t “the diocese” who pays bills. WE LAITY DO.

It isn’t “the diocese” making decisions, it is THE BISHOP.

Name the CORRECT subject(s) of all the action going on.


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