Media Interviews

Occasionally, news reporters want to know what normal Catholics in the pews think.

Below are samples of interviews Jennifer Kane, editor of, gave as an advocate not only for survivors of clergy sexual abuse, but for common sense in reforming the Diocese of Buffalo.

McCarrick Report’s Silence on Key Issues Raises More Questions Than It Answers
Interview 25 Nov. 2020

Lingering questions about McCarrick report prompt concerns over accountability of officials who knew sexual offenders were still working with the public. “Jennifer Kane, an advocate for survivors of clerical abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo, New York, put it more bluntly.” That’s because I express myself like a normal layperson in the pews, as you will read in this report.

Little known on how Fisher dealt with complaints
Interview 13 Dec. 2020

I renew lay concerns about diocesan officials flagged in the NY State Attorney General report for mishandling sexual abuse reports and for knowingly placing the public at risk. “Accountability is essential. If we don’t have faith in the integrity of the people in the system–hello–we’re not going to have faith in the system.”

McCarrick Report, the great weariness of American Catholics
Interview 10 Dec. 2020

This French publication is the premier independent Catholic daily in Europe. This article examines American Catholics’ reaction to the Vatican’s McCarrick Report–“the next chapter in a depressing long novel,” as one American journalist mentioned in the McCarrick Report put it. Others interviewed include a Boston College theologian, a retired priest who worked for McCarrick and Jennifer Kane. Read a rough English translation of this French article here.

Please keep chasing the Fraud. It keeps getting recycled and thrown against the wall to see what sticks.

Mike Gleason

Jenny you have done an amazing Part One informative report on how laity can help heal the church and what was going on in the Buffalo Diocese. Looking forward to Part Two.

Joanne Bisson

“I don’t think they ever will get it.”

Michael Whalen Jr.
clergy sexual abuse survivor in the Diocese of Buffalo

To Media Reporters:

If you want to know what normal Catholics in the pews think about the clergy sexual abuse crisis in the Diocese of Buffalo, you are welcome to contact Jennifer Kane, editor of this website.

This is an actual photo of parishioners at my church in the Diocese of Buffalo. We are real people seeking to change our diocese to Gospel standards. First call to management: Hold diocesan leaders accountable and stop appointing in positions of authority those corrupt diocesan officials identified in the NY State Attorney General’s report. Second call: Reinstate whistleblower, Rev. Ryszard Biernat, to full and active ministry. Third call: Consult Catholic laity in our diocese who have not had their objectivity tainted after spending decades as “official” hand-picked lay advisors to the bishops.