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A word of caution to prospective buyers of Diocese of Buffalo properties: They likely need an exorcism

All you need to do is look at the way diocesan officials and priests treated the meek, pious and vulnerable. There’s your satan.

The sprawling grounds of the Diocese of Buffalo’s seminary campus in East Aurora together with all its buildings are for sale.

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Court documents indicate that the diocesan headquarters compound occupying a prominent block of downtown Buffalo may also be up for sale as part of the diocese’s bankruptcy settlement following 850 clergy sexual abuse claims filed under the New York State Child Victims Act.

If we consider just two cases of clergy sexual abuse directly connected to the seminary and the officials who worked at the downtown headquarters, no one would think twice about the need for those two properties to be cleansed of demonic influences. The Church defines exorcism very simply: a specific form of prayer used against the power of the devil. The Church teaches that such evil can “infest” buildings, as explained by a prominent exorcist in the United States in the video below:

Fr. Chad Ripperger describes ‘Diabolic Influence’ (title of his book) with Dr. Taylor Marshall “Can Demons Infest Buildings and Animals?”(2022)

You can read shocking details about these two vile cases in the Diocese of Buffalo that were clearly fueled by demons here and here. Still not convinced? Look at the way diocesan officials and priests treated the meek, pious and vulnerable. There’s your satan. It is well within the realm of possibility that those demonic influences may have infested these properties as well.

These two linked articles are graphic and disturbing. Trigger alert for clergy sexual abuse survivors. Discretion is advised.

The first story concerns graphic, salacious talk by priests who hosted at least four unsuspecting seminarians at an informal gathering on the grounds of a Hamburg parish in 2019. The alleged topics of conversations by three priests spiraled into one thread of vulgarity after another that included a priest’s description of hearing one of the seminarian’s parents having sex during a retreat; and light-hearted banter among the priests about vulgar sexual episodes of certain seminary instructors/administrators, especially with students. Keep in mind, the seminarians were the guests at this “pizza party” with their superiors. You see the power dynamic. The local television news report of the alleged conversations among diocesan priests and unsuspecting seminarians required not only a disclaimer about graphic sexual content but careful editing to pass FCC guidelines for public broadcast of obscene, indecent and profane content.

It was that bad.

At least four seminarians wrote up a report to their seminary superiors. All four eventually left the seminary following this incident, according to one of the seminarians who contributed to the report. In the video below, that’s our diocesan “Vicar for Renewal” explaining away the behaviors of the three named priests the bishop subsequently suspended. The reporter gave Father Bryan Zielenieski several opportunities to at least denounce his fellow priests’ reported vulgarity which he refused to do. He instead chose to lecture viewers that we have to understand the “context” of even sacrilegious obscenities with subordinates in the workplace–activity illegal in New York State.

If you don’t want to read the disgusting details of that case, you can watch this video of WKBW’s exclusive news story covering the seminarians’ redacted report that was leaked to reporter Charlie Specht :

WKBW-tv report, “What happened was disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.” Charlie Specht, reporter; 29 April 2019. Watch here to see the full interview of Father Bryan Zielenieski matter-of-factly explaining away the vile nature of the priests’ topics of conversion as reported by seminarians who apparently mis-interpreted what was said. The diocese reprimanded him (and another priest, Cole Webster) for not doing more to stop the conversations, although they claim they did not hear the them.

The second story centers around a seminarian who reported to diocesan and seminary authorities in 2004 that he was sexually assaulted by a diocesan priest in the priest’s rectory. He said he was threatened by a bishop to not say a word about what happened or he wouldn’t be ordained. Eventually he was ordained only to be suspended from ministry for whistleblowing. If you don’t want to read the details of that case that was covered up for 16 long years under the direction of three bishops1 you can watch this video report of the victim/survivor who explains what happened in his own words:

Fr. Ryszard Biernat recounts not only the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a diocesan priest but the re-victimization he suffered from diocesan officials (including bishops) who concealed his criminal report from both church and civil investigations while they coddled his alleged abuser and lied to the public about him. WKBW-tv report “Buffalo bishops silenced Fr. Ryszard about alleged sex assault.” Charlie Specht, reporter; 5 September 2019.

Only Bishop Michael Fisher has the authority to order an exorcism in his diocese. He has an exorcist at his disposal or he could do it himself. In his charity, he should exorcise these two properties before selling them. Caveat emptor.

St. Joseph, terror of demons, please, please pray for us.

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