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Bishop Scharfenberger: For the love of God, get control of your abusive priest

This is morally reprehensible harassment of a sexual assault victim by his priest-abuser that went on at your priest meeting yesterday in Buffalo. You are the shepherd. STOP this. For the love of God, get control of your abusive priest still roaming our streets, Art Smith (pictured in case you do not recognize him), who engaged in what you term as “spiritual incest” of one of our seminarians. He is STILL harassing his victim (persisting in engaging in abuse, re-victimizing his prey).

Rev. Ryszard Biernat’s Facebook post February 24, 2020:

Who cannot be spiritually and physically heartbroken/outraged/sickened reading this plea for help? And the priests who witnessed this abusive behavior did NOTHING??!! Things are worse than we imagined.

Everyone, please pray a fervent rosary for Bishop Scharfenberger. He needs it more than Fr. Ryszard if he permits this obscene and morally reprehensible behavior to persist with HIS priest under his authority.

Watch this video to get the story of just how depraved our diocesan leaders have been and possibly still are if they do not responsibly address this situation.

God have Mercy on us all. Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.


Contact Bishop Scharfenberger to demand that he get control of HIS abusive priest who persists in re-victimizing his victim. This has to STOP!

Call Diocese of Buffalo at 716-847-8700 and ask to talk to Steve Halter, director of professional responsibility investigating complaints of clergy or employee sexual abuse and misconduct. I had a lengthy conversation with him (Feb. 25) about this complaint of harassment of Rev. Art Smith further victimizing Fr. Ryszard. Halter told me he is well aware of the subject which he states he is pursuing with rigor and adds that he welcomes anyone to call him about this matter. He stated he will discuss this situation with Bishop Scharfenberger personally and that it was not the bishop’s intent to harm anyone, especially survivors.
Email You can also email Bishop Scharfenberger’s communications director, Mary Proust
Twitter @AlbBishopEd

Screenshot of my email to Mary Proust is below. You may borrow this language or use your own. But do email her. We need to make clear our reactions to this extraordinary set of circumstances. We don’t need advanced degrees in theology to see what is happening and the misguided mindset clearly still pervasive in our leaders both lay and ecclesial.


Rev. Ryszard Biernat

5 thoughts on “Bishop Scharfenberger: For the love of God, get control of your abusive priest”

  1. Jennifer you never stop amazing me how strong and powerful your loving words are. You inspired us all to stand up, ‘for the love of God”. Thank you for being such a voice!

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  2. Another Bishop brought to heal? Heal who? The
    Pain inflicted yesterday on those abused demonstrates just how sick these bishops are!
    They continue their sick state of denial.
    If they weren’t complacent they wouldn’t be bishops. Those that enable them by remaining silent? They too are morally sick.
    Civil law has failed us


  3. Thank you for sharing all the contact information, as well as your strong words. Letters sent on dear Father Ryzsard’s behalf. I pray no other victims experience anything similar.


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