Hey, Buffalo News, the diocese is 8 counties

If you’re going to poll Catholics in the Diocese of Buffalo, poll Catholics in the diocese, not the city. By now, many have read the Buffalo News‘ misleading headline and the misleading first paragraph (which few people read past):

86% of Catholics in poll want bishop to resign from Diocese of Buffalo. By Jay Tokas –An overwhelming majority of area Catholics or lapsed Catholics want Bishop Richard J. Malone to resign as leader of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, a recent poll by The Buffalo News has found.

I deliberately left the by-line in. Jay, this is a sampling of people in two of eight counties ignoring six other counties. This should be written: An overwhelming majority of Catholics (practicing and not practicing) who live in the vicinity of the City of Buffalo … Please tell me the editors pulled a fast one on you. I know you don’t write headlines.

Misleading click bait. Ok newspaper, you’ve left the impression you intended to leave, but your job is to report the facts.

This is also insulting. The News is implying they just don’t care about the opinions of Catholics in Olean, Jamestown, etc. because the “city Catholics” have spoken.

But the polling tactics reveal something even more insidious.

If people clamored for the coach of the Buffalo Bills to resign, it would be laughable to poll both current and former Bills fans. Get real! Poll practicing, church-going, Catholic-school-supporting, ministry-involved Catholics who get out of bed on Sunday, get their kids fed and dressed and in the pews by 8:00 a.m. I want to know what they think. The results just might reflect a significant difference. But I guess we’ll never know.

Thanks for the poll. But it doesn’t really tell us much.

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